About Maine Coons

Adult Maine Coon cat weigh between 7 and 12 kg, more elegant cat can weigh from 4 to 6 kg. Generally, these cats grow quite slowly and reach maturity only by 3-4 years. Maine Coons are of SLH group and their hair deserves special attention, especially the tail! Short hair on the head, shoulders and limbs becomes progressively longer to the bottom and sides. The long shaggy hair on the stomach and pants, lush flowing hair on the tail, such thick hair looks like a collar. This coat is a boa, which can protect the cat from snow, rain and wind. And yet it is surprisingly silky by touch and shiny. Who has ever stroked these cats will never forget such a pleasant feeling. A long strong and muscular body makes the animal very maneuverable; they have strong and long legs. Long tufts of hair between the toes help them walk on snow without sinking. There are brushes at the ends of the ears, making it look like a lynx.

Maine Coon`s

Many people incorrectly name this breed as mainecoone, maicoon, meykun, minecoon or even maycoon :). During the meal, Coon uses his paws as a spoon. Before they start drinking, they beat their paws in the water and rake it. It is believed that this is the instinctive action of the wild times when they broke through the ice before drinking water. So only adult cats do and Maine Coon kittens drink water ordinary. Describing the nature of the cat, it's hard to be objective. Maine Coon looks like a wild tiger but with good character, great temperament, they are very intelligent and self-confident. He is the ideal companion for the whole family. One of the distinguishing features of the Maine Coon is his adaptability. They can easy travel. They are tied more to the people than to the environment or the home, and the temperament of the cat is so balanced that they are easily compatible with all the family members, especially children. They are fundamentally devoted. Perhaps only about these cats you can say "faithful as a dog". Talkativeness is one of the favorite activities of the Maine Coon, whether with a man or animal. They have thin voices, which are not appropriate to their appearance. It is particularly noticeable in cats. Maine Coon kittens and cats are very unusual; they are loving, gentle and good-natured. These cats are very playful and even in old age they are still kittens. It is impossible to describe all the advantages of this breed, but it is exactly that one, who once meets a Maine Coon, will never be able to live without him.